Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Music Machine 29 - Sonoroties Festival

Music Machine 29 was one of the pieces chosen to be played on a continuous loop in the 8 channel surround studio during the Sonoroties festival of contemporary music 2014. The annual festival takes place at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's University, Belfast. The theme of the festival was remembering & forgetting.

Programme notes for Music Machine 29

Music Machine 29 - 6’00” 2ch

Music Machine 29 is computer generated, it consists of two parts and works in the following way. The first part plays a C major scale (both ascending and descending) and arpeggio. The second part remembers each note that the first part plays and stores them in a list. It will then choose a note from that list to play back simultaneously with the first part. Occasionally the programme will delete (forget) some notes from the list and then start remembering again. There is also the chance that notes will be sustained allowing chords to build up.

Although for this event the piece was prerecorded it can also be played live using a midi wind controller, raspberry pi and midi module.

Listen to Music Machine 29

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