Saturday, 2 May 2020

Activity during lockdown

Having spent the past few weeks in lockdown has given me a chance to review some things and catch up on others that I have been intending to do but have previously not got round to.

It was extremely disappointing to cancel the Music Machine exhibition in March. Music Machine 4 for multiplayer was also to have been included in the Game>Play festival that was planned for the summer; that too has now been cancelled.

My current plan for Music Machine 4 is, once it is safe to do so, to make a video of eight people performing it.

As for other projects, today I have set up a live stream that is on the locusonus sound map and this is a part of the soundcamp world dawn chorus day.

I have been making some other audio recordings using my Zoom h2 and its new windshield:

These recordings are for this Silent Cities project that has asked people to record the sound of their cities during the lockdown. It's described as 'a participatory monitoring programme of an exceptional modification of urban soundscapes during Covid-19 containment'.

I have also made a new recording of Music Machine 29 which you can listen to on soundcloud or bandcamp (where you can also buy it). This was partly inspired by Robert Fripp  releasing his Music for Quiet Moments (described as
Hopefully something that will nourish us, and help us through these Uncertain Times.)

Music Machine 29 was composed for the Sonorities Festival 2014. The theme of the festival was 'Remembering and Forgetting'; Music Machine 29 works in the following way:
Music Machine 29 consists of two parts. The first part plays a C major scale (both ascending and descending) and arpeggio. The second part remembers each note that the first part plays and stores them in a list. It will then choose a note from that list to play back simultaneously with the first part. Occasionally the program will delete (forget) some notes from the list and then start remembering again. There is also the chance that notes will be sustained allowing chords to build up.

The piece is performed using a midi wind controller which is played through a Raspberry Pi and it is the Pi that does all the processing work. In the past I have used wind instrument sounds, usually flutes, but for this version I have used strings. I have also extended the piece - have a listen and see what you think!

Music Machine 29 (2020 edition) on bandcamp

Music Machine 29 (2020 edition) on soundcloud

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