Covid Soundmap

Over the last weekend I have completed the covid soundmap. I added the final two recordings to the map and have made a final version of Music Machine 45. The last two recordings were both made on Thursday 21st May in Exeter. The first was made in the morning when I walked into town and features the sound of some of the building work that has restarted on the bus station area. The second recording was made around lunchtime when I walked near County Hall. You can hear the sounds of children playing at the nearby St. Leonard's school. Both of these recordings provide a contrast to the earlier ones that featured bird song and little else; now the sound is dominated by human activity as the lockdown is eased.

The soundmap can be found here:

and all the audio recordings (including the first versions of Music Machine 45) can be found here:

This project was achieved with support from Kaleider.