Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Music Machines Live @ FabLab Devon

Next week (Friday 10th July) will see a concert of Music Machines in FabLab Devon (Exeter Library). I think this is probably the first time a FabLab has hosted an event such as this, certainly the first for the Devon FabLab.

Really looking forward to it but I still have lots to prepare. There will be three performers, me, Julie Hill (violin) and Ruth Molins (flute), we will also be using Casio digital horns and a yamaha wx wind controller. These will be linked up to midi sound modules.

The Music Machines started life as entirely computer generated but recently I have  created ones that involve live performance and I have adapted some of the earlier ones for live performance. The musicians are given instructions by the computer (in this case Raspberry Pis, these instructions will be different each time the piece is played.

Have a listen to Music Machines 4 & 34 (versions of which will be performed in this concert) here:


Here's a video of Music Machine 28 ( a new version of which will be performed):


The event takes place on Friday 10th July tickets are available here:


Casio digital horns ready for performance:

3 Raspberry Pis - one for each performer: