Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Music Machine 4 multiplayer @ Kaleider's Mikrofest

I'm pleased to announce that a version of Music Machine 4 will be part of Kaleider's mikrofest to celebrate the opening of their new home. This will take place on 15th and 16th of March.

Mikrofest is a free mini festival to launch Kaleider’s new home, Kaleider Studios, 45 Preston Street, Exeter.
On 15th and 16th we've invited our Residents and friends to put on some work in our new building and around Exeter to help us celebrate our new home.
Kaleider Studios will be open to the public from 2pm - 4:30pm on Friday 15th and 12 noon - 6pm on Saturday 16th. Times for all events are listed individually.

Here are the instructions for a performance of Music Machine 4:


get a group of people, each must have a mobile phone, tablet or computer
get all of them to load this page
make the best use of the space you are in; spread out around the room
when one person gives a signal all click on the start button below
the piece will start
you will see a series of different sized and coloured circles
click on the circle when you see it, you should hear some music from your device
continue to do so for as long as you wish
you can decide beforehand that you will only play a particular colour
the colours are bluegreenorangemagentacrimsonblackbrown
you could also decide to play only the small or large buttons
do not worry if you miss out some of the buttons

If you want to have a play with this type the following link into your browser: